Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center



Accommodation use

About Stay


Room type Capacity Fee
Room 2 people ¥12,910

Main Center

Room type Capacity Fee
General University student High school students and below
Room 2 people ¥11,380
Japanese-style room (18㎡) 5 people ¥9,850 ¥8,330 ¥7,460
Japanese-style room (22㎡) 8 people ¥9,850 ¥8,330 ¥7,460
Japanese-style room (reception hall) 24 people ¥9,850 ¥8,330 ¥7,460

* Only when a room is occupied by one person during the peak season from June to September, 10% of the room charge will be added to the room rate.
* All prices are per person per night.
* Including consumption tax and bath tax.
* Includes 310 yen training room usage fee.
* Please inform us in advance if you miss a meal.

Cancellation of reservation

Cancellation of reservation
In accordance with the bylaws of the Gifu Prefectural Sports Science Center.

・No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the date of use of the facility.
・In case of cancellation from 6 days to 2 days prior to the date of use, the cancellation fee will be half of the usage fee.
・Cancellations made on the day of use will be charged the full amount of the fee.

※Excluding natural disasters and other events not attributable to the user

Facility use

About Facility

Division Unit Below high school students
in the prefecture
Other organizations
Gym 1Group/h ¥630 ¥1,050
Training room
(Other than guests)
1people/day ¥510 ¥1,020
Training room
1people/day ¥310
Hypoxic training 1people/day ¥1,020
High oxygen capsule 1people/day ¥330
One-day bathing 1people/Once ¥510
Workshop room free
Ontake Panorama ground 1people/day Under university students : ¥205
High school students and below : ¥102
Nigorigo Cross country course free

* Including consumption tax.