Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center



Accommodation use

About Stay


Room type Capacity Fee
Room 2 people ¥12,260

Main Center

Room type Capacity Fee
General University student High school students and below
Room 2 people ¥11,770
Japanese-style room (18㎡) 5 people ¥9,260 ¥7,760 ¥6,910
Japanese-style room (22㎡) 8 people ¥9,260 ¥7,760 ¥6,910

* All prices are per person per night.
* Including consumption tax and bath tax.
* Includes 310 yen training room usage fee.
* Please inform us in advance if you miss a meal.


Facility use

About Facility

Division Unit Below high school students
in the prefecture
Other organizations
Gym 1Group/h ¥630 ¥1,050
Training room
(Other than guests)
1people/day ¥510 ¥1,020
Training room
1people/day ¥310
Hypoxic training 1people/day ¥1,020
High oxygen capsule 1people/day ¥330
One-day bathing 1people/Once ¥510
Workshop room free
Ontake Panorama ground 1people/day Under university students : ¥205
High school students and below : ¥102
Nigorigo Cross country course free

* Including consumption tax.