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High Altitude Training


Highland refers to a “low pressure, low oxygen environment” with high altitude and low atmospheric pressure.

Staying at high altitude for a certain amount of time improves your ability to transport oxygen, including strengthening your breathing and circulatory system at rest and increasing the load of hypoxic stimulation through training.

Using such high-altitude training effects, Naoko Takahashi, Mizuki Noguchi, Kosuke Kitajima, and others of the marathon have won gold medals at the Olympics.


Endurance is improved by training at high altitudes. Endurance events such as athletics, swimming, bicycles, triathlons, short-distance events in athletics, ball sport events such as soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, hockey, and martial arts events such as wrestling, judo, boxing, and fencing Can be expected.

01. Improving endurance

Changes in the body
Red blood cells, hemoglobin and blood volume increase.

Ability improved
The ability to carry oxygen in the blood more in the body is improved.

Improving endurance.

02. Improving endurance

Changes in the body
The development of skeletal muscle capillaries and the concentration of myoglobin (* a chromoprotein that binds oxygen, including iron) increases.
Oxygen-based enzyme activity and mitochondrial mass in mitochondria are increased.

Ability improved
The ability to use oxygen more efficiently in the muscle is improved.

Improving endurance

03. Improved anaerobic capacity

Changes in the body
1. Improve buffer capacity of H + (hydrogen ion) concentration.
2. Blood lactate concentration generation (accumulation) is suppressed.
3. Increased activity of phosphofructokinase, a rate-limiting enzyme in glycolysis.

Ability improved
Improves ability to delay fatigue

Improved anaerobic capacity

These can be more effective mainly for long stays of 3 weeks or more, but for effects 02 and 03, it can be effective for stays from several days to 2 weeks.

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By using training in a low oxygen room and a cognitive movement type training machine, the deep trunk muscles (such as the psoas major and iliopsoas) can be used effectively and efficiently in the correct form.




Hypoxic Chamber