Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center


Make a difference

“New system training” that combines training in high altitude (low oxygen) environment, cognitive exercise training, and hot springs, each person can be expected to achieve the target training effect.

This training is completely different from strength training and aerobic exercise.

Increases the ability of the brain and nervous system to exercise, and moves the muscles deep in the body (inner muscles: deep trunk muscles such as the psoas major) to improve health and exercise capacity. It mainly introduces training using the Sprint Training Machine, which is famous as a “faster machine”, and also introduces gymnastics and walking methods that can train the trunk even at home.


for athletes
Effective not only for runners but also for ball games and martial arts

You can get balanced running and movement to prevent injury.
Improve your power and improve your running and sporting abilities.
The inner muscle can be strengthened.

for health promotion

Use the torso muscles to tighten around the stomach.
Movement of daily life such as walking becomes easier.
Your posture will improve and you will look younger.

Sprint training machine

You can learn ideal running ability and walking ability by rotating the pedal and moving the left and right pedal rotation axes back and forth horizontally in opposite directions.
(Available from elementary school upper grades)

Effect of exercise

01   The learning effect of high-quality running motion is great, and you can expect improved running records.

02   Increases the flexibility of the pelvis and lumbar spine.

03   By adjusting the stride and speed, walking motion is improved.

04   Improve posture balance ability for walking and running. Research has shown that the brain can be stimulated to improve dementia.

When you turn the pedal in a standing motion, not only the legs but the whole body muscles are used.
(Available from elementary school upper grades)

Axle mobile power bike

Effect of exercise

01   The running ability, the legs and pelvis required for running, and the deep trunk muscles of the lumbar spine are strengthened to improve the running record.

02   Leg and trunk muscles are strengthened comprehensively. In particular, deep trunk muscles such as the psoas major and adductor can be expected.

High speed treadmill

The wide belt and low floor allow training for the elderly as well as athletes.

Effect of exercise

01   Increase driving performance at high speed. (Can be set in units of 0.1km / h from 1 to 36km / h)

02   Since there is room in the width and length of the belt, training for walking and running can be done with plenty of room, and aerobic exercise effects can be expected.