Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center


Training Support

Cognitive movement training

Careful support is provided to improve the “quality of motion” through repeated training.

Low oxygen training

This facility is an “excellent hypoxic facility” certified by the Japan Hypoxia Training Association, and there is a permanent presence of an accredited hypoxic training trainer. We support you to train safely and effectively. We also provide feedback after training by professional staff.

Please feel free to contact us for training.

We provide a balanced diet for athletes.

In particular, the menu structure has been devised so that the training effect will be maintained without breaking the conditions during high altitude training, such as ingestion of “iron” that is easily lost in high altitude environments.
We also provide meals tailored to the characteristics of the competition. Please consult us. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

Nutrition Support

Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center
Sports nutrition advisor

Kaori Watanabe
Dietitian and certified sports dietitian

Completed the master’s program at Women’s Nutrition University (Nutrition)

Work history
After working as a registered dietitian at Noritz Women’s Athletics Club, joined the Women’s Marathon National Training Camp (New Zealand).

After that, she worked for 4 years as an assistant professor at the University of Human Sciences in order to acquire skills and ability to be communicated well to any athlete.

After that, she returned to the sports scene as a part-time employee of the National Sports Science Center.

Engaged in nutrition support for para athletes at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics and Pyeongchang Paralympics as a nutritional staff for the multi-support project (Paralympic) (currently a high performance support project) by the Sports Agency, which started in the following year.

With K Support launched in 2018 after contract termination and has been active as a freelancer.

She currently works as a nutritional staff for the Tokyo 2020 Special Reinforcement Committee of the Japan Paralympic Committee, and also as a nutritional staff for the Blind Marathon Association and the Japan Paracycling Federation.

Medical Science Support

Ontake Nigorigo High Altitude Training Center is staffed with specialized medical science staff, and supported teams and individuals can receive the following medical and scientific support with government funding. .

Implementation content

Advance support

01Prior consultation

02Advice on training content

Support during your stay

03Physical condition measurement

04Training support

05Recovery support

06Implementation of medical / science classes

Subsequent support

07Conducting feedback classes

08Consultation about training after training camp

Example (during training camp)

Condition check support
(Checking for acclimatization and fatigue)

Verification of training intensity and training effect
Recovery (fatigue recovery) measures

Example (condition check support)

In order for high altitude training to be successful, it is necessary to adjust the amount of training while constantly checking the degree of acclimatization to high altitude and the degree of fatigue.
Therefore, high altitude adaptation and fatigue level checking are supported.

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